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Education is a lifetime gift, more so for a girl child. In times of travail the intellect
developed through learning helps in selecting the right options and thus overcome hurdles and move on in life. Educate a girl child and she becomes an educated woman, an educated mother and in return she educates her family. Nanhi Kali gives all that and more to the girl child. On completion of school years, the Nanhi Kali is supported through college and thus steps into a world of a secure future, professionally and
emotionally. In essence, every Nanhi Kali receives unlimited wealth called knowledge.
This can never be stolen for it is everlasting.

Dina J. Bilimoria, EACH ONE TEACH ONE

Nanhikali has been supporting our NGO for the last ten years. They have expanded their support from 40 girls to 120 at present. They are doing great work by encouraging the education of the girl-child. The funds are utilized for school fees, school books and other educational needs of street children who are registered with us. We appreciate their monitoring system which ensures we document, in detail, the progress of the children every six months. “This has been a boon to us since it has made us aware of the need to maintain detailed and updated reports of the beneficiaries. We wish them the very best always.

Kalyani Nair, Director, Salaam Baalak Trust-Mumbai

Ashraya Neelbagh School has completed 10yrs since its inception and we feel proud to say that 50% of our school strength consists of girls. In the last academic year, the 3rd batch of our 10th Std. students passed out of our school. The girls were the highest scorers and the school topper was Redamma, daughter of a migrant labourer who has been studying in our school for the last 10yrs. The Nanhi Kali sponsorship has enabled us in planning an overall development of the girl child because our school curriculum consists of numerous vocational training options other than the regular academics. At the school, the girls are given equal opportunities in sports and other extracurricular activities and it is very interesting to see their enthusiasm.

It is also interesting to note that most of our girls are first generation learners and belong to families where parents have had no formal or informal education. It is very encouraging to see their parent's enthusiasm in sending them to school. Thus our school has been a stepping-stone in shaping the brighter future for them.

Most of our girls are from very poor and deprived backgrounds and without the support of the Nanhi Kali Project, girls like them would be languishing in homes, without
education, taking care of the household chores and younger siblings with the constant threat of being married at an early age. Our school and the "Nanhi Kalis" of the school would always be grateful to the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust that has enabled them to grow into self- confident young women, striving to carve their own niche in the male dominated Indian society.

Dr. Nomita Chandy, Ashraya , Bangalore

K.C.Mahindra Education Trust

Kc Mahindra educational trust The K. C. Mahindra Education Trust was founded by the late Mr. K. C. Mahindra in the year 1953, with an objective of promoting literacy and higher learning in the country.

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Naandi Foundation

Nandi Foundation Naandi, in Sanskrit, means 'a new beginning'. It is one of the largest social sector organisations in India working to make poverty a thing of the past.

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