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Story Of Manara Khatoon - Success Story

Manara Khatoon challenged her destiny

Manara Khatoon is a twelve year old girl who lives in a slum in Kamarhati in Kolkata with two younger siblings, elder sister, a brother with his wife, and their mother. Their father passed away, leaving the mother to shoulder the burden of their expenses. Their mother earns a mere Rs. 5000 every month and she relies on Manara to look after the younger siblings in the house.

Manara takes up the daily chores of the house, leaving her with almost no time for studies. While looking after her siblings, she often missed school and eventually lost interest in her academics. Manara was enrolled into the Project Nanhi Kali programme last year, just in time to gain back her interest and channel her focus towards academics.

The Academic Support Centre (ASC) of Project Nanhi Kali helps Manara with her lessons while providing constant motivation to help her concentrate on her studies. She has faced a lot of uncertainties, due to her environment and household conditions after her father’s death. However, in the last year the Community Associates (tutors) of Project Nanhi Kali have managed to bring about a strong progress in her studies. Her grades have improved significantly from 63% and 49% in Bengali and Maths to 83% and 97% respectively. This progress has given Manara’s mother bigger dreams for her daughter’s future. She believes that there is nothing stopping Manara from completing her education and standing on her two feet. Project Nanhi Kali believes the same and continues to strive for her progress.Manara is passionate about dance and is driven to be a professional dancer. Project Nanhi Kali encourages every Nanhi Kali’s passion, whichever stream it may be and we are confident Manara will excel in hers.


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